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Philip R. Bishop


I'm the MOSHER PRESS bibliographer, and just wanted to let you know that I was pleased to see that your comments, although brief, are basically correct, accurate, and in accord with my findings in THOMAS BIRD MOSHER: PIRATE PRINCE OF PUBLISHERS (Oak Knoll Press & The British Library, 1998). The only minor misuse in your terminology is when you say "...or vellum imported from Japan." The paper imported from Japan is called "Japan vellum" which is distinctly different from the vellum you described in the next sentence which IS correctly stated.

You might want to direct your readers to the website on Mosher at www.ThomasBirdMosher.net and let them further discover, for themselves, what the man and the press were all about.

So overall nice job, and again, I was pleased to come across your recent posting.

Best wishes,

Phil Bishop

Melissa Olson

Thanks so much for your comment! I appreciate the clarification and I do hope the readers visit your site. These books are amongst my favorites in our collections!


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